Art Club


At our school we are very lucky to have two art clubs running. One is organised by the Art coordinator, the other by an external professional artist - Emma from Go Sketch. Look below for examples of what we have created so far. 

Our lastest project - life sized human sculptures made with sellotape! Come back at the end of term and see the finished work. 

We studied the landscape work of Heather Galler then created our own compositions using a pen outline, filling in with watercolour pencils.


Have a look at some of the other Art work we have created in Art Club.


Go Sketch have produced some amazing art work. Here is just a small selection showing the variety of topics covered e.g. Sunlight Printing, Multimedia Forests, Cartoons and Zendoodle Animals. There is a new theme each term so keep your eyes open for posters detailing the next treat on offer.